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ZED HEAD has spent a great deal of time in DIXIE, particularly Texas, Louisiana and Florida, honing their particular and unique brand of bluesy, southern rock. they come by their penchant for Texas boogie and classic, southern rock honestly with band anchor 'THE FOGMAN'

Fogman & Neil of ZED HEAD

indeed having the distinction of HONOURARY TEXAN bestowed upon him by none other than Texas' own COWDOG KELLY of the TEXAS BLUES CAFE and again by gentleman Texan, DIAMOND DONNIE WOODS. The other members of ZED HEAD are working on varying degrees of this same honour and get closer to that achievement every time they stop off in Jefferson Tx., for another appearance at the annual BOO BENEFIT FOR TEXAS BURN VICTIMS, a most worthy and celebrated cause in North East Texas.

ZED HEAD was nominated for southern band of the year in 2007 by Frances' BANDS OF DIXIE, along with lynyrd skynyrd, molly hatchet, point blank and others on the strength of their debut release TEXAS CUFFLINKS. ZED HEAD has been signed to MUSIC AVENUE RECORDS / BLUES BOULEVARD RECORDS out of Belgium and have released their first cd with this label called MORTAL MAN which has been receiving incredible reviews from around the world, from fans and media alike. ZED HEAD have been enthusiastically reviewed by most of the big magazines and media platforms in Europe including Sweden's RED HOT ROCK, Frances' BANDS OF DIXIE, and ROAD TO JACKSONVILLE. I - net web pages from around the globe are full of articles and interviews extolling the virtues of ZED HEAD'S material, performances and exploits.

ZED HEAD is an act as comfortable on the big stage, in concerts, at festivals or at home on the club circuit. ZED HEAD specializes in grinding Texas boogie and romping southern rock. featuring a couple of the genres finest guitarists in NEIL CHAPMAN, and TREVOR HORSFALL, these guys pull raves wherever the band performs. leader and founder of ZED HEAD, THE FOGMAN is rock solid on the bass, vocals and in tandem with the erudite and illustrious drummer CHRIS LINGARD. ZED HEAD has another ace in the hole with SMILIN BOB ADAMS on the mississippi saxophone - this guy is second to none on the harp, while rockin', 'DOC' TOM HAMILTON (a legitimate ph.d holder), rounds things out with what would be argueably the hottest rock fiddle imported from the north.

ZED HEAD is excited to be working with such a giant in the industry as MICHAEL 'BEAR' CLAIR and his company NASHVILLE NINJA ARTIST RELATIONS. ZED HEAD are currently gathering material for their next cd. watch for them soon at a biker rally or venue near you!!

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