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Guitarist, Singer, and Song Writer Lyle Sinclair was born in a small upper northwestern U.S. city. Lyle started listening to “Traditional Country” music for as long as he can remember. It inspired him so much that he studied music through most of school years.

After graduating High School and starting college Lyle found that his country needed his services so he joined the military. While serving in the Navy he found he had more time on his hand than money, so he bought his first guitar and taught himself how to play. He got his first music job in the military and found the desire to learn and perform more. After time served in the military he started playing music in the mid California area where he had the honor to play lead guitar for Allen Frizzell, the younger brother of the infamous Lefty and David Frizzell, And had the great pleasure of meeting Lefty.

Lefty was “Very real and fun to be around” Lyle stated. He told me he told me “Son when you are on stage and face the crowd, You are The Star, at that very moment so give it your very best and always be yourself” I learned from him “when you write, write with your heart and soul and when you sing let it come from there also” Lyle said. As you will find, in his writing and singing, as he performs each note and word comes from his all.

Lyle songs are true stories of life. “I have found as I travel and perform that there is a great hole in the music world. And there is a large want and need, for Traditional Country Music. And I am here to fill that hole”




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