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Well here we go...
The hard rock-n-blues band Atomic Pilot from Baton Rouge LA.. What can I say about them?
They're more than just a bunch of pretty faces.

Joe Stone and Rox Daigre

They routinely rock the living crap out of anything and anyone within a 800 mile radius of their shows.

Ive also been told that just the sheer power of their music is enough to cause rainfall in the Sahara, make oranges spontaneously squeeze themselves, make cats bark, and cause major celestial catastrophe...

Remember that comet that crashed into Jupiter?
they did that.

The asteroid that killed the dinosaurs?
you guessed it... Atomic Pilot played that night.
Rox even told me, it was Joe's amp that blew away Mars' atmosphere!

I reckon I'd believe that too. 'Cause... see... I've been to one of their shows... and I'm a changed man. I went in lame as a duck and now Ican walk again! It was a flat- out kick-you-in-the-ass religious experience I tell ya!

Joe Stone and Rox Daigre
Gary Schexnayder - Drums
What could a band this amazing possibly sound like you ask?
Well, their sound is hard to categorize, but people say if you took Led Zeppelin, Rush, Joplin, and Hendrix, a bit of alternative and a splash of blues, put them in a blender, and lit them on fire, you'd have Atomic Pilot...
Jeffrey Marchese - Bass Guitar
As a wise man once said...
"Ask not what your country can do for you... because Atomic Pilot rocks my socks."



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Rox Daigre - Lead Vocals & Guitar

Joe Stone - Lead Guitar


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