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Our Company was founded by Micheal "Bear"
Clair, a 30+ year veteran of the music business. Known for his sense of humor and road stories, Bear brings a wealth of knowledge and friends to the table.
Micheal Clair, 2009
He doesn’t refer to them as contacts or connections, because once he
meets you, you’re family to him. For Bear its all about relationships and
bringing people together for a common goal.

Friendly and affable, Bear has done it all, besides playing music all his life professionally he has done a few other things, including acting in a
comedy series with pal (Comic) Leif Skyving, Pro Wrestling in Nashville
back in the late 80's as the Evil "DR SQUASH" character... and to top it all off, served as a President of a film and audio college in Idaho, recieving two "Volvo for Life" awards in the process for his work with “at-risk” teens. That was his favorite job he has ever done.

Working with at risk kids was demanding but so worth it. Helping others is
very important to Bear and thats why he is managing artists and teaching
others about the Business of Music.

Clair says, "I have had so many great mentors along the way who helped
me and really made it fun for me. Chet Atkins and Steve Miller, Hal
Ketchum, Keb Mo and countless others over the last 30 years who took
the time to answer my endless barrage of questions."

"I feel like I need to pass that along and help others the same way I was helped. That's why I am here today doing what I do. I was blessed by those people and never forgot what they told me. The best part is all the great stories and funny situations that life brings".

"I love to laugh and I can tell you every one of the mentors I had really drove it home to me, to not take life too seriously, have fun and enjoy each moment as it comes, from the good and bad you glean stories that become part of your music and your songs."


His career started in the Late 70's in the small town of Shellsburg Iowa.
to say life was slow there would be like saying...(insert your slow phrase jokes here).

Micheal Clair was a joker from the minute he came into the world. He loves to laugh and never missed a chance as a kid to torture his father. He pulled many tricks on him as a child including the greased toilet seat and water in a cup on top of the door, plastic wrap on the toilet etc.. So, being a musician came naturally to him...

He picked up Guitar at six after playing piano since he 3 yrs. old, once he got the guitar he never looked back, he knew what he wanted to do with the rest of his life and that was play guitar. He could surely torture people with the sound of a sears guitar through a big muff pedal into a 100 watt amp... Life was good...

A few years went by and he tired of torturing his neighbors and family and decided to take it to a bigger venue.

He met up with some other delinquent Iowa farm-boys who loved Rock & Roll and had a band called RATLER.

He joined them, played loud obnoxious Rock and Roll and the rest is history. They all remain friends to this day.
Bear circa 1978 school pic w/full Phil Spector doo (minus guns)

Bear is married to his lovely wife, Artist Renee Clair and together they have five children ranging in age from 19yrs old - 7 mos.

Renee Clair & Steve Miller 2008 photo by M. Clair

The Clairs love Art and Music and it looks like some of the kids will no doubt be Painters and Musicians. its just in the blood...

Renee Clair & Steve Miller sharing a song 2008 photo by M. Clair

Click here to view Micheal Clair's resume.

His extensive resume in all aspects of Music/Film/Management brings to the table a wealth of friends and industry knowledge.

Bear with Steve Miller in the studio 2008 With pal Hal Ketchum at the Crazy Horse 2008

Working for both artist and vendor we are able to construct deals that might not happen otherwise. We live by the motto of "If you can dream it we can achieve it." The art of bringing together people who want win - win situations is our specialty.

Our Bill collection dept at Nashville Ninja MGT is second to none. These guys mean business!
No.. really... well...ok maybe not..(WORK IN PROGRESS).


We serve artists with:
Personal management and music merchandise vendors with Artist
liaison work, this is for vendors who want to get their products into the
hands of those artists who influence the market place.

We also specialize in artist relations for record labels and marketing firms.

Micheal Clair is the Southeast rep for Several Key
Studio Products including:
Mojave Mics, Royer Mics, Impulsive, Hybrid and more...

Serving Recording Artists and the Music Industry for over 30 years.

phone: 615.964.0777






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