To God be the glory for His inspired Holy Word through FCU. I have come to know God in a way I never thought was possible. Being at FCU, I’ve witnessed the Word of God come alive in my life.
Tammy N.
    You will learn more than simple facts. This school will equip you to minister... it will transform you.... The atmosphere and the other students provide an unexplainable synergy, a fellowship of the Holy Spirit that is unattainable with personal study (alone).
Jim H.
  (FCU) has greatly enhanced my understanding of ministry, and given me the confidence to persevere because of greater in-depth knowledge of the Bible. ‘Very rewarding & lifts you up spiritually.
Norman G.
    I have been so blessed to be in such an awesome school. The classes have greatly enriched my walk with God. The material is wonderful! The instructors are truly anointed and gifted!
Cathy M.
  Words to describe just how blessed that I am since I’ve enrolled in FCU are hard to come by. The anointing of God permeates this entire experience. I know that God led me to this house. I have been blessed as has all that is mine and all that I touch. Thank God for His heart that is evident in this administration, instructors and teaching. Amen.
Jesse C.
    Faith Christian University has been a life-changing experience. Discover the calling of God on your life through the anointing of the Holy Spirit evident in each class. My first class was for personal growth...(and) grew into completion this year for a Doctoral Degree. Follow the call God has for you. Come to FCU—you will never be the same.
Cheryl Ann L.
  I thank God for Faith Christian University. FCU has truly brought increase to my life. It has broadened my foundation and brought a greater depth to my understanding through the fresh revelation we’ve received in our classes.
Ramona S.
    I have driven 100 miles one way each week for almost four years and it has never been a struggle or a sacrifice to me. It has been a pleasure because of the anointing and the Word of God taught and preached… It...keeps me going all week. I never want to quit!
Marilyn D.
  I have grown so much it’s unbelievable. When I first came I was searching but my eyes were opened as the Bible was being studied.
Jim N.
    FCU has been a total blessing. I know God brought me here to prepare me for ministry (pastorship)...I truly have been and continue to be blessed under the covering of FCU.
H. A. C.

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