Faith Christian University, like all other establishments of higher learning, impose certain course requirements for all students who are seeking to earn a degree in a specific area of study usually referred to as the student's major. Additional majors may be available for the Graduate Program depending on a students ministry call. For more information contact the Admissions Office at

FCU Course Requirements Are Two-Fold:

1. Scriptural Foundation Course Requirement: Students seeking a Diploma in Theology are required to complete Program 1. Students seeking a degree beyond the diploma will be required to complete Programs 1 and 2. These are the Required Scriptural Foundation Courses necessary to receive any degree from FCU.

2. Degree Major Requirements: After a student has earned 90 credit hours in Bible and Theology they will select an area of concentration for their next 30 credit hours. This is referred to as the student's "major."

Each Program (or track of courses) is carefully developed by the Academic Committee to ensure students will meet their degree major requirements for that specific program. When a student stays within the defined Program (regardless of possible course changes made by the Academic Committee) they will automatically achieve their desired degree goal upon completion of each Program. From time to time it is necessary to make a course change mid-year. In such cases, be assured the replacement course will satisfy the requirement.


Student 1: Student enrolls at FCU with a High School Diploma or GED: Start in Program 1, when all courses in Program 1 are completed, move into Program 2, when all courses in Program 2 are completed, go to Program 3. Student will have satisfied requirements for all Scriptural Foundation Courses. At this time, communication with the Dean is advisable to determine a major and plan the remainder of the student's program.

Student 2: Student enrolls at FCU with prior college in a field other than theology: Start in Program 1. When all courses in Program 1 are complete, move into Program 2. Once student has completed all Scriptural Foundation Courses and have a minimum of 90 credits accumulated (including any transfer credits), they will contact the Dean’s Office to chart the remainder of their courses in line with their degree goal. Students will determine their major at this time.

Please note: all student assessments for college credit transfers are done on a case-by-case basis. Assessments are performed only after the official transcript is received directly from the student’s prior college or university. Once the Assessment Committee has completed their assessment students will be notified.


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