Playing "Classic Rock" Tunes
from Aerosmith to ZZ Top!



Q. Is the band really made up of monkeys?
A. No. We're not REAL monkeys. We smell WAY better than monkeys.

Q. How much does it cost to hire Monkey Business?
A. Our standard fee is... ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

(Just kidding... We're negotiable on price)

Q. Where can I see you guys play?
A. It varies, but so far, we've played in about seven different countries.
Oops! I meant counties. See our Performance Schedule to see where we'll play next.

Q. It looks like your drummer likes to slouch behind the drum kit. We'd like to see more of him. Is that possible?
A. Well, that might be kind of difficult, as he suffers from a rare musician's disease that causes him to do that. If you want to see more of him, it's best to catch him on one of our breaks when he gets off stage. Just don't follow him into the Men's room.

Q. Do you guys ever tour?
No. We were told not to quit our day jobs just yet.

Q. Is that a tiny monkey on a regular sized banana in your logo, or a regular sized monkey and a HUGE banana?
It's a regular sized monkey and a HUGE banana!

Q. It is rumored that you guys like to eat PIZZA after playing a gig. Is that true?
Just bring us PIZZA after a gig and find out!!!



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